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XRare - The Largest and Fastest Growing NFT Marketplace in the World.


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XRare - The Largest and Fastest Growing NFT Marketplace in the World.


Discover, find,

Sell extraordinary

XRare - The Largest and Fastest Growing NFT Marketplace in the World.


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How to buy, create and sell NFTs in a few easy steps?

Follow the steps below to buy, make and sell NFTs with ease and efficiency.

1. Connect your wallet

Create NFTs with your own artwork

2. Update your profile

Explore, buy and sell NFTs without any coding and gas fee

3. Mint your NFTs

Create and list NFTs for sale on our NFT marketplace

Benefits of XRare NFT Marketplace

  • NFTs are not just a trend. They are a paradigm shift in how digital goods are traded. They provide the most efficient way to trade digital goods: the instant transfer of digital ownership, and the ability to securely trade those digital goods on secondary markets. NFTs are an economic layer that can be applied to any digital good, and XRare is the easiest and most accessible way to buy and sell NFTs.

  • XRare is a place where you can explore, buy, create and sell NFTs easily and efficiently. In other words, XRare is a place for people to invest and build their portfolios of digital assets, and for creators to share their vision. Listed here are some of the benefits of the XRare NFT marketplace.

    1. The transaction fee on our NFT marketplace is a fraction of the other NFT marketplaces and the speed of the platform is incredibly fast.

    2. XRare will also be accepting payments in Ethereum (ETH) and Matic, but plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the future.

    3. Users will also be able to send their NFTs directly to their wallet, meaning they will not have to go through the process of using an exchange to trade their NFTs.

    4. Investors can also buy NFTs on our platform using Ethereum (ETH) and Matic through their cryptocurrency wallet.

    The Largest NFT Marketplace to Buy, Create and Sell NFTs in Minutes

    XRare NFT Marketplace is a p2p (peer-to-peer) exchange supporting standard Ethereum ERC-721 tokens. XRare allows users to explore, buy, create and sell NFTs, from across the digital art world.

    XRare is a free online marketplace for NFTs built on the Polygon blockchain. It allows users to browse, list and buy NFTs. We are focused on building a truly free and open platform for exchanging NFTs.

    XRare's mission is to empower the blockchain community by allowing anyone to buy and sell NFTs without middlemen. We are building a decentralized marketplace for NFTs that is more open and accessible. We believe that cryptocurrencies will be the foundation for the next generation of the Internet, leading to broad economic prosperity.

    At XRare, we are creating an open, permissionless NFT marketplace for all assets. Any digital asset. Any concept. Any idea. Any company. All on the blockchain.

    The NFT market is still in its infancy and we will be working hard to improve it every day. We are looking for feedback and ideas from the community so that we can provide the best service.

    Top Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore, Purchase, Make and Sell NFTs on XRare NFT Marketplace

    Connect Wallet

    You need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask, with the XRare NFT marketplace for buying, creating and selling your NFTs easily.

    Buy NFTs

    Explore the wide range of NFTs present on XRare’s NFT marketplace and purchase your desired NFT collection through your cryptocurrency wallet.

    Create NFTs

    Upload your artwork (image), add a title, describe your artwork, and manage other personal settings in order to create the NFT on XRare NFT marketplace.

    Sell NFTs

    Enter the price for your NFT and put it on sale on XRare NFT marketplace. You decide the price for your NFT collection, and we will help you sell them!